Earth Haven Farm

Our seedling sale returns this year with organic starts for your garden. 

If you are an avid gardener, but don't have the time, knowledge, patience or resources to grow your own seedlings, then this event is for you.

Some plant starts may have limited quantities and others will be grown in abundance. 

All will be growing seedlings in our special organic, biodynamic soil mixture.

When indicating quantities, if you say 1 that will mean 1 plant.  We grow in many different flats and cells, so please indicate the actual number of plants that you wish to order. 

The following is a list of seedlings that we will be growing for 2023.  Please email your orders to  Aric or Emily will confirm your order.


Annual Plants for Sale



Kale - Black

Kale - Westlandse Curly


Mexican Sour Gerkins

Mint – Peppermint

Mint – Spearmint

Squash – Delicata

Squash – Long Pie

Tobacco – Traditional Flowering

Tomato – Black Krim Beefsteal

Tomato – Candyland Cherry

Tomato – Roma Paste

Perennial Plants for Sale


Black Raspberries – established roots

Black Raspberries – rooted cuttings

Flower Seedlings for Sale


Mexican Sunflower


Yarrow – White


Tree Starts for Sale

Hazelnut – 6” to 12” high – established roots

Heartnut – 6” to 12” high – established roots

Seeds Packets for Sale

All Heal


Beans – Black Turtle

Beans - Skunk

Bee Balm

Corn – Bloody Butcher

Corn – Glass Gem

Corn – Tuscorara White

Echinacia – Traditional Purple

Hollyhock – Mixed Colours


Mexican Sunflower

Stinging Nettles - Wild


Tobacco – Traditional Flowering

Yarrow – White