Earth Haven Farm

Farm Practices & Principles

It is amazing how one can spend their entire life looking for something that can't be put in words, yet you know it exists somewhere, and that others believe, think and are seeking the same or similar things.

Aric: "I believe all my life I have been looking for some way of proving to the world that there is a way to make things better, to help the animals, heal the land and the environment, feed the starving and improve overall health and well-being in all aspects of life. To manifest and mentor a new way of life and living!

And here it is, and has been in existence for a long time, just sitting quietly while being maintained and nurtured by a special, select group of people with a most amazing heart, intuition and integrity - they are biodynamic farmers!"

Kathryn: "Having spent what seems like a lifetime looking at all the possible ways to live life; to what seemed like yesterday visiting my grandparents farm.- Biodynamic Agriculture combined with Organics and Native Traditions puts it all in a nice neat basket.Talk about this missing link, biodynamics is like the master container that keeps everything all together so that it can work and coexist together, in balance, in harmony, in life."

Earth Haven Farm is a Demeter Certified Farm

This means that our agricultural practices are recognized internationally as a "step above organics". That means that we do everything necessary to be organic certified, but by utilizing the practices of biodynamic which has a much higher standard, everything produced on our farm is naturally raised with integrity and spirituality, for biodynamic agriculture is deeply rooted in the thought that all things are connected and therefore work in balance to create and sustain life.

  • Our biodynamic practices entail the use of biodynamic preparations which are applied to the soil and plants during certain times of the year. 
  • We are currently making our own 500 and 501 biodynamic preparations.
  • Biodynamic preparations are applied to the compost pile which is used to enliven the soil. 502 to 509 biodynamic preparations are currently obtained through the Biodynamic Society to which we are members.
  • Homeopathic treatments are used on plants, soil, trees and animals to prevent disease and to reduce symptoms of disease, injury or compromised immune systems.
  • Permaculture is utilized in the planing, location and selection of plants throughout the farm to ensure optimum production.
  • Organic standards of agricultural production are adhered to.
  • Annual inspection of the farm is conducted by a certified Demeter inspector.
  • We are members of the Woodlot Stewardship program and adhere to the guidelines of this program in preserving our existing forestland and ensure that it remains healthy for future generations to enjoy.
  • The entire farm (all 200 acres) is considered for Demeter Certification as all factors of the farm interact and affect each other.  
  • The farm MUST have animals as a source of manure which is considered to be the main source of nutrient content used in compost and the creation of soil which is put out onto pasture and gardens.

"One principle man has to grasp, otherwise no development will be possible in our crucial time.

Seek the truly practical life,
but seek it in a way that does not numb you towards the Spirit that is working in it.

Seek the Spirit, but do not seek it out of greed for the super-sensible from super-sensible egoism; but seek it, because you want to apply it unselfishly impractical life, in the material world.

Make use of the ancient principle:

"Spirit is never without matter, matter never without spirit.”

So that you say:

We intend to handle all material matters in the light of the Spirit, and we shall seek the light of the Spirit in such a way that it will kindle in us a warmth for our practical deeds.

Spirit that is led into matter by us; matter that is shaped by us until it reveals the Spirit it contains; matter that receives through us the Spirit revealed; the Spirit that is brought by us to and into matter.

All this will build that active and vivid substance, which can take humanity into real development; into that kind of progress that the people of today, in the deepest and most worthy longings of their souls, can only but yearn for." 

– Rudolf Steiner, Lecture in Germany, September 24, 1919

What is Biodynamics, You Ask?

The Society for Biodynamic Farming and Gardening in Ontario provides the following definition:

Biodynamic agriculture was the first codified form of organic farming. It is an internationally recognized closed system that combines naturally occurring life processes with organic growing techniques that are a self-regenerating and a self-healing way of producing food utilizing multi-stacked farm enterprises, balancing crop and livestock production while enriching the local natural habitat. The food harvested from these farms is truly nourishment for a humanity seeking to support a socially just and conscientious way of farming.

Here is a little video short from Demeter and the Biodynamic Association that explains what biodynamic practices are.  These are the guidelines in a nutshell that we work with here at Earth Haven Farm.