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2019 Seasonal Field Helpers Wanted

Earth Haven Farm is will be shutting down our gardens for the winter, however there is still lots of work to do to up until the end of November.

Accommodations and meals will be provided.  Food in exchange for work.  This is a great opportunity to connect with the land, the soil, food and the farm.

For more details on this position or other opportunities at Earth Haven Farm including WWOOF, Workaway, Goodworks.ca -  

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Farmers always have something they want to sell. From livestock to farm equipment, hay, manure, to a wide range of interesting items.  

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Grass Fed Beef 

Earth Haven Farm takes pride in raising 100% grass fed and grass finished beef.  Our small herd of purebred Scottish Highland Cattle are ethically and naturally raised on pasture year round.  We do not butcher often, but when we do our meat is in high demand. 

No GMO, No Hormones, No Antibiotics

Contact  Aric for pricing and availability (613-478-3876)

Why Do Cows Have Horns?

The answer to this question is found in the pages of In The News plus many other informative articles by experts in the field of biodynamics, organics, permaculture, sustainable living, restorative agriculutre, indigenous practices and more.

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