Earth Haven Farm

Welcome To Earth Haven Farm

Earth Haven Farm is a 200 acre family-owned and operated subsistence farm dedicated to a sustainable lifestyle. We are located in the hamlet of Thomasburg,  just north of Belleville in the Municipality of Tweed in Ontario.  We have 3,000 acres of conservation land to the east of us, 800 acres of woodlot to the north and 800 acres of woodlot to the south.  We are in an ideal location for growing healthy, nutritional food, free of chemicals, pesticides and other toxins.

Earth Haven Farm has been Certified Demeter since 2008, with membership in the Society for Biodynamic Farming and Gardening in Ontario.

We farm using biodynamic, organic and permaculture practices.  We believe that we are working with the traditions and principles used in agriculture by our forefathers, in alignment with sustainable living.  These methods are different from today’s conventional farming practices of cash cropping and livestock for profit.

Along with our gardens of delicious fruits, vegetables and herbs, we pride ourselves in raising 100% pasture grass fed and pasture grass fed finished beef. In addition to their flavorful high-protein and low cholesterol meat, our hardy and sweet-tempered Scottish Highland Cattle are proven allies in helping us to clear underbrush from overgrown hedgerows and wooded pasture areas. They are truly the ideal breed for our remote farm location, topographical conditions and agricultural practices.

In these current times we are seeing more and more people with serious health issues related to three or more generations of eating "toxic" foods.  Here at Earth Haven Farm all of our efforts are put into growing healthy, nutritious food, free of chemicals and toxins.  Our indigenous ancestors refer to "food as medicine" and we are proud to support our heritage farming traditions by growing food that has a nutritional value that can be considered to be medicine.

Over the years we have worked towards a presence within our local community by participating in local events, providing a local CSA program and offering education through the Earth Haven Learning Centre.

Each year we invite students, WWOOF’ers and seasonal helpers to work on our farm at various capacities. We offer internships, education, and an ability to earn money and work their own initiatives, such as beekeeping, herbology, working in the kitchen, or managing their own garden plot, etc.

In our ever-evolving journey in self sufficiency, our purpose is to leave something of value behind for future generations. It is our hope and dream that not only our children and grandchildren will continue on where we leave off, but that we will inspire others to enter into a deeper and healthier relationship with their own land.