Earth Haven Farm

Individual meat cuts can be purchased by letting us know what you want by filling out  our CONTACT form or email to  As a result of the increased costs incurred in butchering, we have had to raise the prices on some of our meat cuts.

Due to limited quantities of certain items, we will confirm your order before accepting payment. 

Orders MUST be paid for in advance by Etransfer or by Cash or Cheque at time of pick up.

Please Note: Food items will NOT be shipped.  We do NOT take orders for 1/4, 1/2 or full beef carcuss.

For our Toronto customers - Many of our food items, meat, fresh produce and craft items will be available for sale at Easy Health Food Store, located at 1276 Bloor Street West, Toronto, Ontario, M6H 1N8, 416-474-2526 (

100% Grass Fed  and Grass Finished Beef
This is our specialty and the pride of Earth Haven Farm.

Our cattle are raised with love and care.  We keep our herd small to ensure their health & happiness.  We butcher only once or twice a year, so our meat is in high demand and limited. 

All meat is sold in a variety of cuts including bones & organ meats. 

Cuts of Meat

Ground Beef
Bones - Neck
Bones - Leg
Bones - Ox Tail
Bones - Ribs
Roast - Blade
Roast - Cross Rib
Roast - Prime Rib
Roast - Rib Eye
Roast - Sirloin Tip
Steak - Bavette
Steak - Brisket
Steak - Hanger
Steak - Flank
Steak - Osso Bucco
Steak - Porter House
Steak - Rib Eye
Steak - Round
Steak - Sirloin
Steak - Sirloin Tip
Steak - T-Bone
Steak - Tenderloin
Stewing Beef
Tallow - Processed in 300g Blocks