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Farm Updates

Garlic harvest is well underway.  Come out and join us for garlic cleaning in the barn! It's a fun, relaxing, social activity and easily done at a safe distance from each other. Bring your friends and make new friends! We'll be out there almost every day (except Tuesdays and Fridays) for the next several weeks hanging out, talking and playing music. We'd love to see you all! It would be wise to check in before coming: 613 478 3876 or email info@earthhaven.ca as occasionally we are out and about doing other things.

Now taking orders for bulk garlic.

Contact Us with your orders.

Garlic is now being harvested, cleaned and hung to dry.  Bulbs will be ready for sale and pick-up sometime late August, early September.  You will be notified when ready.

This is a time for people to come together as a community and find solutions.  It is a time for us to come together and support each other.  In so doing, we will get through these difficult times and come out the other end living our lives in a very different way than we have in the past.

Let us think about conserving, producing less waste, not being the heavy consumers that we have been in the past.  Let us think about the four R’s – recycle, reduce, reuse and repair.  Let us think about health, well-being and treating the earth and ourselves with kindness and compassion.

Let’s make these coming months a time of coming together (while maintaining a healthy distance) to build a more resilient, sustainable, locally-based food system.  Let’s build the world we want to create together.


Over the coming weeks and months, we will be posting nutritional information on a variety of products that we will have available.  These will be found on our "informative articles" blog posts.

We will be doing our best to keep you informed of updates and changes as they arise.  We encourage you to sign up for our Newsletter and follow us on Facebook as below.

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