Earth Haven Farm

Volunteer & Internship Opportunities!

Volunteer & Internship Opportunities

Earth Haven Farm is now accepting applications for volunteer workers for the 2022 growing season.

Earth Haven Farm is located just outside of Tweed, Ontario in Hastings County in a secluded, remote location offering the ideal setting for a sustainable, whole farm operation.  With extensive woodlots, conservation land and pastures there is little to no contamination from any surrounding commercial agricultural operation.  Earth Haven Farm has maintained its Demeter Certification since 2008 and is one of very few farms in Canada with this designation.

As a Demeter certified farm, our main objective is to maintain healthy, productive soil which in turn provides us with the means to grow healthy, nutritious vegetables, fruits, herbs and food for our livestock, ourselves and our customers.  

The principles and practices that we use here at Earth Haven are similar to those of farmers before large-scale commercial and chemical farming was introduced.  With Demeter certification there are absolutely zero chemicals, herbicides or pesticides used on our farm.

Over the years, Earth Haven Farm has worked with a number of organizations, which have given us recognition as a teaching farm.  We offer volunteer and internship opportunities for students and anyone interested in learning about organics, biodynamics, permaculture, biodiversity and more.  The learning is truly in the experience and the longer one stays with us here on the farm, the more there is to learn.

We welcome you to experience Earth Haven Farm as an intern or volunteer!


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