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Consciousness in Agriculture

Biodynamic farming in its essential being has to be discovered as a new art. This means we have to develop a personal relationship to bridge the abyss between our own spiritual being and the outside world. Whatever we practice in farming we should realize that it is at first hand a repetition of past achievement. If we build up a compost heap, for instance, we need to see that the decomposition and humus formation comes about in the right way. So in order to understand this process fully we should do it by hand now and then. It is not just something that happens out of itself, we extend our being into this process and thus build up a personal relationship. If we work with cow dung, this is even more the case. It is no good just to throw it somewhere in a heap, but we need to work with it consciously, throughout the year, to smell it, take it in our hands and observe the structure and color. Of course we must appreciate the scientific analysis of how much nitrogen, potassium, etc., is in it but this must be complemented by feeling it and touching it and learning to perceive it as a substance that contains mighty forces.”
by Manfred Klett
“Consciousness and Agriculture”
Principles of Biodynamic Preparations

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