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What is Agro-Homeopathy

Agri-Homeopath is one of the sciences based on vitalism and on agro-ecological principles, dedicated to understanding nature, it's biodiversity, biological cycles and interactions, and principally it's vital energy (Fig. 1). Vitalistic agriculture is the application of agro-ecological basics and the vital force or principle which rules nature. It is employed in the organization of the agro-ecosystem, and is used in the production of healthy food within a dynamic equilibrium. This agricultural perspective comprehends the principle of life and death (vital energy) and thereby knows that both states of the material concept are essential for a productive system with low energetic costs. (Fabricio Rossi, 2005). 

The vital force is defined as the unity of action which rules physical life, conferring it with its own sensations and responses. This principle is dynamic, immaterial, differs from body and soul, and integrates the totality of the organism, organizing all its physiological phenomena. In this manner, the imbalanced vital force produces manifestations such as physical, emotional and mental symptoms, which we call disease. In the state of health the parts of the organism are maintained in harmony or balance. Agro-homeopathy is a tool to re-establish homeostasis of the systems of the plant, that is to say, of an agro-ecosystem in dynamic equilibrium.

The special nature of homeopathic remedies testifies that the living organism possesses subtle unities difficult to explain by modern scientific knowledge. The veracity of effects of homeopathic medicines is confirmed daily in clinical practice, denoting that the living organism is currently the one and only thing capable of confirming the said dynamic action. The ability of homeopathic remedies to cause changes in animals, plants and the soil, confirms that these effects are not due to psychological effects (placebo). The results obtained are undeniable, therefore, we can expect over the next century, a further comprehension of the therapeutic mechanisms of homeopathy (CORREA et al., 1997). The investigations with plants will contribute to the expansion and consolidation/implementation of homeopathy (Fabricio Rossi, 2005).

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