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Effects of Biodynamic Farming

  • Biodynamic agriculture seeks to heal the earth and her people.
  • Demeter Certified Biodynamic products are highly respected in the marketplace worldwide for their vitality and flavor profile.
  • The Demeter trademarks reflect the high standards for purity and the rigorous efforts Demeter Certified Biodynamic® farmers and processors have taken to obtain certification. Look for the Demeter Certified Biodynamic® certification marks! The word Biodynamic®, the Demeter® name, and the Demeter® certification marks are legally registered trademarks that assure consumers that foods and beverages have been grown and produced according to the strict Demeter standards for Biodynamic agriculture.

The Biodynamic method is distinguished from organic and sustainable farming methods by four key attributes:

  1. A Paradigm Shift in Thinking: The Biodynamic farmer thinks in terms of forces and processes whereas organic and sustainable agriculture farmers think in terms of substances.
  2. The Biodynamic Farmer Uses All Nine of the Biodynamic Preparations: The preparations are made following very specific methods. They are numbered, and are used in very small quantities to homeopathically treat compost, soil and plants. They include #500 Horn Manure; #501 Horn Silica; #502 Yarrow; #503 Chamomile; #504 Stinging Nettles; #505 Oak Bark: #506 Dandelion Flowers; #507 Valerian; and #508 Horsetail.
  3. Understanding and Use of Earthly and Cosmic Rhythms/Cycles: The Biodynamic farmer is attuned to the daily, monthly and seasonal rhythms of nature, for example, the affects of the new and full moons on planting seeds and plant growth.
  4. Creation of a Whole Farm Organism: The Biodynamic farmer strives for this ideal, as described below. The farm depends on a minimum of input nutrients from outside the farm and, ideally, generates its own fertility through cover-cropping and the use of manure from animals that live on the farm.
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