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Abstracted from Biodynamic Agriculture & Homeopathyby Dr. Lucas Dengel

From the years 1920 to 1924 Steiner gave lectures on medicine, therapeutic and pharmaceutical practice. His remedies often implied the use of homeopathic principles, in particular of minimal dosage and potentization technique. In 1920 Lili Kolisko joined the anthroposophic circle and later was asked by Steiner to study the effect of smallest dosages. In his agriculture lectures, Steiner refers several times to homeopathy and to the studies of Lili Kolisko.

BD PrepsIt is further evident that the use of minute dosages e.g. one gram of "horn silica diluted in 15 litres of water and administered over an acre of land can be associated with homeopathy.BD Stir

It should be noted that all these minimal doses are not applied without some specific processing such as stirring over one hour, alternately clockwise and anti-clockwise thus creating with each stirring cycle a deep vortex in the fluid.

Homeopathic principles come to application also in the use of so-called "peppers´┐Ż made from the ashes of burnt pests or weeds which then undergo classical "potentizing up to D8 through rhythmic succussion and then are used as pest control measures.

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