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Garlic Scapes


Garlic Scapes Fact Sheet

Scapes are the shoots that grow out of the ground from hard-neck varieties of garlic. When they're young and tender, they look like curly green stalks with tightly closed buds on top. Farmers and gardeners harvest them usually 3-4 weeks prior to harvesting the bulbs.  This is done so they won't drain nutrients from the garlic bulbs that will be dug later. As opposed to the garlic clove, garlic scapes are a vegetable, herb and an aromatic enhancer to recipes.


Garlic scapes pack a nutritional punch – for a mere 30 calories per 100 grams – they are high in fibre and contain good amounts of vitamin C and pro-vitamin A, which work to protect your skin and lungs.

How to Eat, Cook, Prepare

Chop garlic scapes. 
Remove the hard, woody ends. 
The flower bulb is extremely nutritious.

Serve raw in salads or any raw food recipe.

Grill and combine with any cooked food recipe.

Add chopped garlic scapes to just about any cold or hot food dish.  Great in soups, spaghetti, lasagna, any pasta dish, meat, potatoes, stir-fry, blanch and serve alongside almost any vegetable.  Use in any recipe where garlic or onions are called for.  Garlic scapes are not as strong as garlic cloves, so you may have to use more scapes to your recipe.

Great made into a pesto, hummus or garlic butter to be served cold, warm, or used in just about any recipe. 

Keep refrigerated in a glass container once prepared.

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