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Tibo Teas by Irene Orkin

Tea is food, tea is ceremony, tea is life. 

Irene Orkin is an herbalist and wild-forager who has developed this wonderful line of woodland teas. All ingredients have been sourced here in Ontario, Canada.  Infused with the Spirit of our wise old grandmothers, weavers who made these lands.  Crafted from seasonal wild botanicals, consciously gathers in Thomasburg, Bancroft, Kaijick Manitou, Kawatha, Muskoka and Temagami n’Daki Menan.  Savour our indigenous tea heritage:  Algonquin, Haudenosaunee, Metis, Anishnaabe, Wendat and Cree.

All teas are caffeine free.  Gluten Free.

Description Availability Package Size Price
Chinnook Yes 60 gram pack $12.00
Cranberry Boréal Yes 60 gram pack $12.00
Green Goddess Yes 60 gram pack $12.00
Northern Lights Yes 60 gram pack $12.00
Sleepless in the City Yes 60 gram pack $12.00
Spirit Weaver Yes 60 gram pack $12.00
Restoration Yes 60 gram pack $12.00

Tibo Teas offer an awakening of the Spirit of Nature, manifested through root, leaf, flower and tree essences, which are awakened by hot water.  Each cup is a ceremony, completely unique unto itself and deeply moving.  A dance between the elements.  A sensory perception of presence, where everything is connected through time and space.  Each blend may potentially assist one to find eudemonia (mind, body, emotion and spiritual well-being).

How to Make:  1 tsp. per cup, steep 2-6 minutes.

Chinook--great for soothing the symptoms of cold and flu.  Blend of birch, boneset, burdock, cedar, cranberries, dandelion, elderberries, fir, fireweed, gravel root, juniper berries, Labrador tea, lythrum, mint, mugwort, mullein, nettles, osha, rose hips, sage, sarsaparilla, sumac, wild cherry bark, willow, yarrow.

Cranberry Boréale--great for soothing the urinary tract, bladder and kidneys.  Blend of birch, burdock, cat’s claw, cranberries, dandelion, elderberries, fir, fireweed, ginger, Japanese knotweed, juniper berries, Labrador tea, sarsaparilla, sweet gale, teasel, uva ursi, white pine, wild cherry bark, willow.

Green Goddess--great for soothing symptoms of PMS, Menstruation, Menopause, helps milk flow for nursing mothers.  Blend of birch, boneset, cat’s claw, cedar, clover, cramp bark, cranberries, dandelion, elderberries, fir, fireweed, gravel root, hawthorn, horsetail, juniper berries, Labrador tea, lythrum, motherwort, mugwort, nettles, plantain, raspeberry leaf, rose hips, sarsaparilla, sumac, sweet leaf, uva ursi, willow, yarrow.

Northern Lights--a multi-vitamin, pick-me-up, tea for the whole family.  Blend of birch, blood orange, cedar, cranberries, elderberries, fir, hawthorn, jack pine, Labrador tea, spruce, sweet gale, uva ursi, white pine, wild cherry, wild rose hips, wild sage.

Sleepless in the City--calms anxiety and sooths depression for a wonderful balancing  of the monkey mind.  Not just a bedtime tea, but anytime during the day for those ups and downs.  Blend of burdock root, cramp bark, dandelion, elderberries, feverfew, fir, hops, juniper berries, Labrador tea, motherwort, passion flower, rose hips, sarsaparilla, sumac, sweet gale, sweet grass, sweet leaf, uva ursi, vervain, willow, yarrow.

Spirit Weaver--brings everything together in mind, body and spirit.  Great for active people that expend lots of energy.  Blend of birch, cat’s claw, cedar, dandelion, elderberries, fir, fireweed, hawthorn, juniper berries, Labrador tea, mountain ash, nettles, pau’darco, sweet gale, sweet grass, uva ursi, white pine, wild cherry, wild rose hips, willow.

Restoration--is a cleansing tea that helps to flush out toxins from the body.  Blend of artemisia, birch, boneset, burdock cat’s claw, cramp bark, dandelion, elderberries, fir, fireweed, joe pye, juniper berries, Labrador tea, motherwort, pau d’arco, pine, rose hips, sarsaparilla, sheep sorrel, spruce, tamarack, uva ursi, willow, yarrow.

Special Note:  These teas are not designed to diagnose, prescribe, or treat any illness, or injury.  Herbal uses and properties are given for reference purposes only.  Drinking tea may potentially contribute to health maintenance and well-being.  One may have a personal reaction to an herb that is not necessarily a toxic substance.  Contents may cause an adverse reaction when used with prescribed medication.  Any concerns consult a qualified health care practitioner  Neither I (Irene Orkin/Tibo Teas) nor any distributors shall be liable, nor accept responsibility for any damages or outcomes whatsoever arriving out of, or related to, the use or misuse of these products whether diret or indirect, incidental or consequential  Contains only natural plant materials.  No artificial ingredients, flavours, colours, additives or sweeteners.