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Testimonials from Our Seasonal Helpers

I liked my days in Earth haven Farm. All members of the family are really welcoming, kind, helpful and interesting. It was nice to help for the harvestings. I appreciated that they are well organize in their work and time of work, and it was easy to work with them. The place is beautiful and quiet, with beautiful animals. I’d like to stay longer, if I could.

Capucine Pernelet, France (2017)

Aric and his family are hard working farmers. They really embody the practices of organic agriculture.. In addition to tasks on his farm, some co-farming is conducted with a local biodynamic partner; this was a new experience for me that posed challenges and opportunities, quite unique and worthwhile. What a fantastic time I've had with EHF, and I'm truly grateful to them for that!

Chris Ekbatani, Toronto, Ontario (2017)

"Thank you so very much for letting me stay in your beautiful home and for welcoming me to Earth Haven Farm.  I had such a wonderful time helping out and enjoying time spent outdoors.  Your sustainable lifestyle and care for the environment is truly admirable.  I hope all goes well for you all this season.  Hope to visit again in the future."

Jill from Flemming College, Lindsay, Ontario (2016)

"I stayed with Kathryn & Aric late summer into autumn 2015, and it was a wonderful experience! I learned about Biodynamics & Rudolf Steiner firsthand, and learned to can, care for chickens, maintain the garden, and help with the farmers market. Kathryn & Aric were wonderful hosts who fully welcomed me into their home and family. They are a part of a small but growing tight knit community of like-minded homesteaders that I participated firsthand. I really enjoyed the infomal potlucks and get togethers. Kathryn & Aric are very down to earth and willing to share what they know and let you learn new things! I highly recommend staying at Earth Haven farm

I so agree regarding the economy, so much energy is wasted & carbon put in the atmosphere shipping stuff around, and it’s essential that we relocalize and bring things back to our communities. That’s part of why I think growing local food is so important, for the time when it no longer is feasible to ship produce from California to Kentucky (or Ontario) & believe me, this oil glut will lead to a price spike before you know it."

Shane Wilson, Louisville, Kentucky (2015)