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Tabitha Aguonie

Hello, My name is Tabitha. I came to live on the farm in the winter of 2016. I am Aric's sister and Kathryn is my mother. I am passionate about providing users with eco-friendly alternatives to consumable products that we use on a daily basis. 

I have spent the last eight years working as a medical esthetician, and I understand the importance of health and well-being.  The farm has helped me to understand the importance of good nutrition and that it all begins with the soil and the environment.  Fresh air and being outdoors has helped me and my girls reconnect with nature, the environment and a simpler lifestyle.

In my spare time, I enjoy sewing and I have created a line of reusable products that help support the use of eco-friendly alternatives to plastic.  By promoting the use of reusable products it helps to ensure that people create less waste and become more environmentally conscious in their every day lives.

I have also taken on beekeeping here on the farm. My goal is to eventually provide our clients with organic honey made right here on our farm. So the first year of bee keeping is all about learning about the bees and making sure they have enough food to over-winter. Once the colony is well established, then I can start taking honey from the hive. So stay tuned because there will be new products available to you like honey, and other beeswax products. 

Tabitha Aguonie