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Tabitha Aguonie

Tabitha is Aric's sister and Kathryn's daughter.  She and her two daughters joined the farm in 2016 when they came to stay for the summer, which led to a permanent relocation to the Tweed area in 2018. They help out tremendously with work in the gardens, picking, harvesting, weeding and just helping out where needed.

Having spent the last ten years working as a medical esthetician, she understands the importance of health and well-being.  The farm has helped her to understand the importance of good nutrition and that it all begins with the soil and the environment.  Fresh air and being outdoors has helped her and her girls reconnect with nature, the environment and a simpler lifestyle.

In her spare time, Tabitha enjoys sewing and has created a line of reusable products that help support the non-use of plastics and consumerism.  By promoting the use of reusable products it helps to ensure that people create less waste and become more environmentally conscious in their every day lives.