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Titia Posthuma is a biodynamic farmer and owner of Ravensfield Farm located near Perth Ontario.  She adheres to very strict biodynamic principles and is an incredibly integral and reputable farmer.  She has been farming at Ravensfield for over 20 years, but was raised as a farmer from a very young girl.

One of Titia specialies is her purebred Tamworth pigs.  These pigs are artisanal raised, free-ranging in her pine forest and supplemented with organic grain and forage grown on her farm.   

From time to time, Earth Haven Farm will be offering Ravensfield pork for sale. 

Description Availability Package Size Price
Bacon   1 lb. pack $10.00
Cutlets   per lb. $10.00
Chops   per lb. $10.00
Ground Yes 1 lb. pack $10.00
Ham - Smoked Yes per lb. $10.00
Ham w/Bone Yes per lb. $10.00
Liver Yes per lb. $10.00
Roast - Loan   per lb. $10.00
Soup Bones Yes 2 lb. pack $10.00
Stew Yes 1 lb. pack $10.00
Tallow - Processed   600 ml pack $8.00
Tallow - Unprocessed Yes per lb. $6.00