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March 30, 2020
Greetings and Welcome to Spring 2020

In the face of the COVID-19 crisis we will be growing food for our local community throughout the 2020 season. 

At the onset of the corona virus, our two farmers markets in Toronto closed, or limited the number of vendors and customers to allow for physical and social distancing.  For us to drive to Toronto and be potentially exposed to the virus while servicing fewer customers does not make sense. It is therefore not in our best interests or that of the farm to continue to attend farmers markets or events as a vendor until this pandemic is resolved.

From what I am seeing and hearing on the news, internet and social media, we are going to be in this for at least three months, with the probability of six to nine months, even eighteen months.

So what is Earth Haven Farm going to do for the 2020 growing season?

Emily VanderWey has been a mainstay with Earth Haven Farm for a number of years.  Emily will be returning to manage the CSA for her fourth year.  If you are interested in signing up, contact Emily at emilyvanderwey@gmail.com  She will be very happy to answer any questions and provide further detail on the program.

We will be increasing our number of CSA members this year.  Along with our existing pick-up points in Tweed and Foxboro, we will be looking for other possible pick-up points as well as the possibility of door to door deliveries.  Stay tuned as many logistics to consider about deliveries.

We will be taking email and phone orders, paid for in advance by etransfer and picked up at the farm gate.  This is proving to work well and satisfies everyone’s concerns regarding physical and social distancing.  Aric is willing to make deliveries for large orders. 

As we move forward, we will be looking at the possibility of a farm stand and other ways of selling and getting food out to our community.  Nothing is for sure at this time.

Each week, we will post on Facebook what we will have available that week.  This will start to increase as things start to grow in the gardens.  Keep in mind, we are a small farm operation and our food products will be on a first come first serve basis.

What does Earth Haven Farm currently have to sell?

Food Products (this list will be updated weekly)

  • Eggs - from free range, heritage birds
  • Grass Fed Beef, limited quantities, more coming soon,
    No GMO, No Antibiotics, Grass Finished, No Grains, Corn, or Soybean
  • Pastured Pork, limited quantities, more coming soon,
    raised holistically by Ravensfield farm, No GMO, No Antibiotics, Organic Feed
  • Tomato Sauce in 1 litre jars
  • Salsa in 75 ml jars
  • Garlic Scape Pesto, frozen, in 500 ml jars
  • Chopped Garlic Scapes, frozen, in 1 lb. bags
  • Dried Garlic Cloves by the pound
  • Herbal Teas by Tibo Teas

Handcrafted and Zero Waste Items

  • Beeswax Food Wraps
    Starter Kit of S, M, L or 4 pack Small, 4 pack Medium, 3 pack Large
  • Lip Balm, made with beeswax, shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil and essential oils.
  • Tallow Soap with Essential Oils in various scents
  • Cloth COVID-19 face masks
  • Cloth reusable menstrual pads
  • Cloth reusable multi-purpose wipes (make a great substitute for toilet paper)
  • Cloth reuseable handkerchiefs
  • Cloth reusable facial wipes
  • Reusable mesh produce bags (use instead of plastic)
  • Large size “bento style” and regular shopping bags (use instead of plastic)
  • Small wooden spoons, handcrafted by Aric

Seeds, Seedlings, and Live Plants (veggies, herbs, flowers)

We have been planting seeds in the greenhouse for weeks now and the seedlings will soon be ready to go into the ground.  As they become ready we will be posting to our Facebook page what is available.  Please stay tuned for updates.

There are some seeds which we have in small quantities and some that are very sensitive to start growing.  We would like to have your feedback as to what plants you would be interested in so that we can start them for you.  We will post a Facebook note on this soon.

We would like to handle all seedling sales similar to product sales.  Please phone or email your order, pay in advance by etransfer, and pick up at the farm gate.

Reaching out and partnering with other farmers

In 2008, Earth Haven Farm was one of ten certified organic farmers that pooled our resources and sold our products at Toronto farmers markets.  That is how we established ourselves at the two markets in Toronto.  This model actually worked very well.  It was unfortunate that it was not supported locally.  Perhaps now is the time to reinvent this concept.

If you are an organic farmer, with similar integrity to Earth Haven Farm, and have products to sell, but do not want to deal with the general public, let us start a dialogue and see how we can collaborate together to serve the needs of our community.  Give us a call or email.

Always looking for farm helpers

As a result of the travel restrictions and border closures due to the corona virus, we will not be opening up our farm to the usual international students, foreign workers, WOOFers, etc.  These have traditionally been non-paid volunteer helpers, whereby we supply accommodations and food in exchange for work.  If you live locally and are interested in helping out at Earth Haven Farm, please give us a call or email, so that we can discuss options.

Farm and garden assistance

Jessica, our farm intern for 2020, has a background in permaculture, landscaping and operating a garden nursery.  Jess and Aric are looking at making themselves available for consultation and assistance to people wishing to plant their own gardens.  More to come on this

Earth Haven Learning Centre

 The learning centre will no longer be offering workshops, seminars or attend various events.  We will however, maintain our on-line book sales.  Any of the books listed on our website, will be available for order by any of our farm CSA members or local customers for pick-up, thus save on mailing fees.

We have a good selection of books to help people with small gardens to farming.  Focusing on organic, biodynamic, permacutlure, biodiversity, holistic livestock management to seed saving and woodlot management.  
Visit www.earthhavenlearning.ca

The Celestial Planting Calendar

Rosemary Tayler and I will be working soon on the 2021 planting calendar.  Like the traditional farmers almanac, this is a wonderful tool for the farmer or gardener.  The planting calendar, like the books, can be ordered along with any product order, saving on postal charges.  Visit www.earthhavenlearning.ca

Special Note: 

All handcrafted items, books, and calendars can be ordered by anyone and sent out via Canada Post.  Food items, seedlings and plants will not be shipped.

As in past years we will have specific days for picking and packing orders. To be advised.

All of the plans above are work in progress and things can change in a heartbeat.

In closing, I would like to emphasize that this is a great time for change.  This is a time for people to come together as a community and find solutions.  It is a time for us to come together and support each other.  In so doing, we will get through these difficult times and come out the other end living our lives in a very different way than we have in the past.

Let us think about conserving, producing less waste, not being the heavy consumers that we have been in the past.  Let us think about the four R’s – recycle, reduce, reuse and repair.  Let us think about health, well-being and treating the earth and ourselves with kindness and compassion.

Let’s make these coming months a time of coming together (while maintaining a healthy distance) to build a more resilient, sustainable, locally-based food system.  Let’s build the world we want to create together.