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The following products can be purchased directly from the farm or various events that we attend.  Earth Haven Farm will be at two farmers markets in Toronto every Saturday morning year round.  Visit Aric at Evergreen Brickworks, on Bayview Avenue, Toronto.  Visit Kathryn at The Village Market in Richmond Hill.  For product inquiries, please contact us, some products can be ordered by mail.

Handmade Wooden Spoons







Aric spends his winters making wooden things.  Wooden spoons are one of his specialities.  He works intuitively with the natural essence of wood to bring these beautiful hand crafted wooden spoons.   Made from ash wood to bring forth the strength and durability to endure everyday use.

What makes these simple, practical, and durable wood spoons so unique, is that they are "sustainable". On the farm I not only make art with wood but I plant trees all planted from nuts/seeds. We plant over 200 trees every year (mostly hard wood). Each piece is as unique as the wood it was crafted from and into each of my wooden creations, I bring my love of my farm, my forest and her trees. 

Large spoons measure 2.5" x 12".  Ideal as a kitchen utensil for stirring, mixing and serving.

Small spoons measure 1" x 5".  Ideal for children or as a unique serving device.

Handmade Wooden Hair Forks 

Wooden Hair ForksEach one is lovingly carved by Aric in his winter workshop, and each one is unique.

Aric was inspired by old traditions when women wore long hair tied up in buns.  Hair forks were carved by farmers and craftsman during the cold winter months and given away as gifts or sold at spring markets.  Hair forks are popular in many cultures around the world, especially where long hair is predominant.

Available in a variety of natural woods in either a two fork or three fork design.

Hand sanded and finished with natural walnut oil.

They make a wonderful gift for the long-haired women (and men) in your life. Nature's hair accessory!

Tallow Soap

Soap the way it was made by our ancestors. Tallow rendered from the fat of our grass fed beef,  and filtered is combined with lye and made into soap blocks. Essential oils (mint and lavender are the most common) are added to reduce the beef smell.  Tallow is naturally moisturizing and mild for the skin, producing a gentle lather and the hard bar won't turn to goop in your shower.  

Tallow has a very similar composition to palm oil. It makes a hard long-lasting soap with a light creamy lather. Tallow is similar to human fat, and so it makes a great moisturizer, which is compatible with our human DNA. 

Since tallow soap is a great moisturizer, it is a favorite among our male customers as it is great for shaving.

Fresh or Dried Wild Catnip


Our own cats will attest to the exuberant flavour and scent of the catnip grown on our farm.  Wild catnip tends to pop up everywhere.  Aric dubiously transplants the wild plants into favourable spots within the garden plots.  Catnip is harvested fresh in throughout the growing season so there is a plentiful supply.  Plants are hung and dried in the barn and then cleaned and prepared in packets for sale at farmgate and farmers markets.
Catnip is not just for cats!  A member of the mint family, it also makes an excellent base for herbal teas and may serve as an addition to salads and flavoring for foods. Catnip works as a sedative, lowers fevers, soothes stomach troubles and clears sinuses. Such a long list of health benefits makes catnip a useful herb to have available. 

13Handmade Native Hand Drums

The Native Hand Drum or hoop style drum is one of the oldest and most important instruments to the native culture.  Made from deer hide stretched over a cedar hoop, the drum creates a calming vibration that moves the spirit to connect with earth's natural frequency.  The steady, strong drum beat is said to resonate with the heartbeat of "Mother Earth."

Hand drums exist in all cultures around the world and there is growing popularity to reconnect to this instrument.  Drum circles are becoming ever popular as they bring people of like mind and spirit together in communion, prayer, meditation and celebration.

These hand drums, made by Kathryn, are offered in two traditional styles, painted or unpainted, dressed or undressed and come with a handmade drum stick..  Available at farmgate and spring and fall farmers markets.  Various prices - Contact US for more information. 

Prayer Feathers

Native Prayer Feathers

Bird feathers have been held sacred throughout many cultures in history around the world.  Because birds have the ability to fly, they are said to have a special relationship with the Creator as messengers.

Prayer feathers are used for smudging and in quiet moments of prayer and meditation.

Each prayer feather is complimented with a pure quartz crystal for added resonance and deeper connection to the spirit world, enhancing one's prayers, meditation and quiet moments of introspection.  All feathers are found feathers, meaning they are true gifts.  Each prayer feather is unique and one of a kind.  Available at farmgate and spring and fall farmes markets. Contact US for more information. 


In many old native traditions across the North American continent, the people believe that night is full of both good and bad dreams. When a dream catcher is hung above the place where you sleep it moves freely in the night air and catches the dreams as they drift by. The good dreams, knowing their way, pass through the opening in the center of the webbing while the bad dreams, not knowing the way, are caught in the webbing and destroyed at the first light of the morning sun.

Even though the designs and legends of Dream Catchers differ slightly, the underlying meaning and symbolism is universal and is carried across cultures and language barriers.

These dreamcatchers are handmade by Kathyn using natural hides in a variety of colours as ability to source, sinews, and found feathers.  No two dreamcatchers are alike.  

Availabale in 2", 3" and 5" hoop sizes, at farmgate and spring and fall farmers markets.  Larger sizes are considered a custom order.  Contact US for more information. 

Talking Sticks

Talking SticksThe story of the talking stick originated with the Iroquois Confederacy of five nations: the Mohawk, Seneca, Cayuga, Oneida, and the Onondaga.  A great leader, Deganawidah, introduced his people to the talking stick.  He wanted to bring peace to his quarrelling nation.  He felt it was important that people listened carefully and when they were ready to speak, that the words would be spoken from their heart.  As the stick was passed around the circle, it allowed each person to speak, while the others listened. 

Today the "Talking Stick" can be used in almost any situation to develop respect, listening and communication skills.  Great for teachers, students, parents and councilors.

Talking sticks are made from trees cut on our farm.  They are cleaned, polished with natural oils and sold dressed or undressed.  Each one unique.  No two alike.

Available at farmgate and spring and fall farmes markets. Contact US for more information

Natural Deerhide RattlesNatural Deer Hide Rattles

Natural deer hide rattles sewn with rawhide sinew and filled with dried corn or beans make great compliments to Native Hand Drums and drum circles.

The gentle sound of the rattle enhances meditation, prayer and helps one to connect to the natural earthly elements.

Available at farmgate and spring and fall farmes markets. Contact US for more information. 

Medicine Pouches

Native Medicine Pouch

Traditionally a medicine bag or pouch was carried by the shaman of a tribe to hold sacred items or herbs that were used in ceremony, for smudging or healing.  Many items were said to have supernatural powers.

Today a medicine pouch is used as a container for various items considered to have special meanings or sentiments to the owner.  A medicine pouch can contain found items such as rocks, crystals, feathers, teeth, arrowheads, fur, herbs, or special gifts.

The medicine pouch can complement the Native Hand Drum or it can be carried in a pocket, purse, or backpack, etc.

Tallow Soap

Tallow SoapTo honour our cows, we wanted to ensure that we utilized all of the animal.  This led us to making tallow soap.

Curious enough in our research, we discovered that only tallow from a grass-fed, grass-finished animal will render into soap. 

Tallow combined with pure essential oils and rendered into soap contains a certain warmth and feeling of alive-ness that I find inhabits most things made from natural materials, perhaps retained from the animal to which the raw material once belonged.

That cow, with all the love and care and hours of work we gave her, returned our gift with the gift of her life, and life for us through her meat. We can feel that selflessness in every part of her. And what’s more, we can feel the love we have put into it in every part of the process, from melting the cubes of raw fat in the oven to packaging the bars.  Tabitha (Aric's sister) is our soap maker.

Organically Grown Luffa to Complement the Tallow Soap 

Luffa SpongeLuffa is a genus of tropical and subtropical vines classified in the cucumber family. This luffa was grown organically in our greenhouse, hand harvested, dried, peeled and then washed.  Quite the procedure.

I used one a couple nights ago for a before-bed shower. As I laid down, My entire body felt like it was radiating heat! Apparently what they say about stimulating the circulation is true! I can imagine that a vigorous scrub also does marvelous things for the immune system too, with moving all that lymph around.

Everything we do here at Earth Haven Farm carries the same intention; the same purpose: to transform the world, one plant, one handful of soil, one person at a time. We pour ourselves into everything we make, with the hope that whoever picks up a humble bar of soap or a relishes a succulent sausage with their kale, may be be likewise imbued with a new perspective and a will to go out and shake things up. Our world in is desperate need of transformation, and you and I are the ones to do it.