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Earth Haven Farm maintains a very small herd of integrally raised, grass fed and grass finished Scottish Highland Cattle.  We butcher only once or twice a year.  Our meat is in high demand.  Orders are taken on a first come first serve basis. 

  • We DO NOT sell whole, half or quarter animals. 
  • We DO NOT ship any meat products.

All meat products and prices are listed below. 

Description Availability Package Size Price
Ground Beef Yes 1 lb. $10.00
Organs - Heart, Kidneys, Liver, Tongue Yes l lb. $10.00
Ox Tail Yes 1 lb.  $15.00
Roast - Blade Yes per lb. $15.00
Roast - Cross Rib   per lb. $18.00
Roast - Prime Rib   per lb. $20.00
Roast - Rib Eye   per lb. $18.00
Roast - Sirloin Tip Yes per lb. $18.00
Rolled Brisket Yes per lb. $20.00
Soup Bones Yes 2-3 lb. bags $10.00
Steak - Flank   per lb. $15.00
Steak - Rib Eye Yes per lb. $18.00
Steak - Round   per lb. $15.00
Steak - Sirloin Yes per lb. $18.00
Steak - Sirloin Tip   per lb. $18.00
Steak - Strip Loin   per lb. $18.00
Steak - Tenderloin Yes per lb. $20.00
Stewing Beef Yes 1 lb. pack $10.00
Tallow - Processed   600 ml pack $8.00
Tallow - Unprocessed   per lb. $6.00