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Farm & Forage Related Items for Sale 

The following items are seasonal products that are primarily sold to other farmers, growers, looking for organic or biodynamic quality items.  You might find the odd piece of farm equipment or other items on this page.

Fresh Cut Hay - Round Bales

All Organic.  4' round bales with sisal (recyclable) twine.

Pick-up or Aric can deliver locally.

Bulk orders welcome.

Depending on the year and conditions, we may have extra small square bales available for sale.



GarlicOrganic Seed Garlic

Our annual garlic harvest renders us an abundance of biodynamically grown, organic garlic.  Our garlic is an heirloom variety and has proven to grow well in our soil.  This garlic variety is ideal for culinary use. 
Seed garlic will be available in September after it has had a chance to dry and we have been able to clean the cloves and sort out what is ideal for sale to customers and what is best for seed.  Bulk orders are welcome.