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Earth Haven Learning Centre is located on the property of Earth Haven Farm.  This education centre is a wonderful compliment to our farm.  It allows us to facilitate workshops and seminars with experts and mentors that support restorative farming and gardening practices as well as a sustainable lifestyle.  It allows educators to take advantage of our gardens, woodlot, trails, and other offerings that our farm environment has to add to the educational experience.

Earth Haven Learning Centre offers an on-line bookstore featuring a wide selection of books supporting organic, biodynamic, permaculture, restorative and sustainable farming and gardening.

Mission Statement:

Earth Haven Learning Centre  is an independently run organization set up to assist farmers and gardeners to deepen their connection with nature and their use of organic, biodynamic, restorative and sustainable practices.

Earth Haven Learning Cente will provide expertise in the form of mentors, teachers and guest speakers as well as offer a well stocked book store with a wide variety of practical information.

Earth Haven Learning Centre's commitment to offering accessible, ethical, healthy and sustainable solutions to agricultural challenges is paramount.

Earth Haven Learning Centre will provide a respectful environment where people can gather to share knowledge and expertise with each other, their families and the wider community. 

Vision Statement:

To bring inspiration and mentorship to organic, biodynamic, sustainable and restorative farming, gardening and agricultural communities that fosters a stewardship of nature’s abundance through consciousness, awareness and respect.

Kathryn Aunger of Earth Haven Farm and Rosemary Tayler collaborate to publish the annual Celestial Planting Calendar.  The 2019 edition is now available for purchase through the Earth Haven Learning Centre

Check out the recommendations for applying biodynamic preparations and other information from experts like Hugh Courtney and Gary Caton.

Earth Haven Farm is a participating member in the Indian Agriculture Program of Ontario, Farm Mentorship Program.  This is a new program that has started up in 2017.  Aric Aguonie will be working with a number of new farmers on the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory under the guidance of elders and other members.  For more information, contact www.indianag.on.ca

Earth Haven Farm has joined the Biodynamic Farmer Training Program which is organized by the Biodynamic Association (USA).  What this means is that Earth Haven Farm will be accepting applications from students of the BDA-USA educational program to complete their hands on experience here on our farm.  For more information on this program visit the FARMER TRAINING PROGRAM, and also visit our FARM INTERNSHIP page to learn more about what you will experience here at our farm. 

On-Line & Distance Learning, Lectures & Workshops

Biodynamic Education is available through the following sources:

Crossfields Institute, United Kingdom offers a University Degree as well as a Master Degree in biodynamic farming and gardening backed by a hands-on learning component.

Biodynamic Association, United States offers webinars, lectures, access to educational resources and farmer training through selected and accredited educational farms and farmers.

Rudolf Steiner Centre, California, USA offers education, lectures, and hands on learning.

Biodynamic Association, Australia offers webinars, workshops, lectures, access to educational resources and farmer training.