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Braydon Lajeunesse

Braydon will be the farm intern for our 2018 and will be assisting Aric in all aspects of the farm, gardens, permaculture, woodlot management, and livestock.  Braydon will also be representing Earth Haven Farm at the Village Market in the Waldorf School, Richmond Hill every Saturday from April through to November.

Braydon.  Born in the northern Boreal of upper Ontario, home also to the Temagami First Nations peoples, where the wild fauna that roamed the forests and lakes surrounding my home and the lush green plants that grew abundant became like teachers to me in youth from time spent outdoors.

My favorite place to be was in the woods or on my grandpa’s farm, looking at all the life between towering trees and time spent on the land, watching the chickens graze and peck in the tall grasses. This inspired in me a love of nature and animals, and became an integral part of my life very early in my evolution.

My humble beginnings working with the natural world were in Montreal in 2012, where I lived in a basement apartment with very little money. I grew tea and succulent herbs on my windowsill as well as on the rooftop garden of the local university. I took a workshop on seed saving and I was hooked. Fast forward 5 years, and this same love for nature and farming anchored in my youth led me on to five years of travel around the world, where I volunteered a lot of my time in communities as well as on small farms in exchange for organic meals, a place to stay, and a wealth of practical knowledge about self-sustainability, permaculture, herbalism, organic food production, animal husbandry, small scale homesteading and a wealth of other useful information for leading a healthy existence connected to nature.

While travelling, I have become cultured by my experiences, practiced new languages, and opened my social sphere to include contacts from several countries where I came to know other like minded individuals following the same path. I educated myself on the shortcomings and problems we have made with the evolution of agriculture into one dominated by mono-cropping and factory farming, and went the other way, like a salmon swimming upriver. I continually sought out opportunities to get involved with re-greening projects, small gardening guilds, eco-communities, organic farms, workshops, classes, trainings, and agricultural work. I never had a university or college education, but instead gained much knowledge from the road. I supplemented my nomadic lifestyle with contract work taken in Scotland, England and Canada, in several re-forestation projects spanning seven seasons over five years.

To date I have planted over 200,000 native trees by hand into the clear-cut land that has been reaped for use of building timbers and pulp products. Being exposed to this large scale devastation changed my perspective on world ecology and the relationship we have with nature as a society. After my first year in a tree planting bush camp, I made it my conviction and knew then that I would spend a lifetime investing in right livelihood, to become more conscious of my impact on the planet, and share     the skills and wisdoms I collect with anyone willing to listen and learn. I discovered permaculture in my early twenties, and finally found the recipe to act out what I had been seeking...Permanent     Culture.

Click Here to watch this beautiful slide show of Braydon and his world travels, working on various farms, tree planting and other adventures.

Braydon is also a yoga practitioner and he is hoping to teach and run yoga classes here at Earth Haven Farm on his days off.  For more information on yoga or to speak with Braydon about many of his world travels and things that he has learned along the way, simply send us a message and he will get back to you as soon as possible.  Contact Braydon.