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The Fellowship of Preparation Makers

By Karen Davis-Brown

Originally published in the Winter 2011 issue of Biodynamics.

This spring marks the tenth anniversary of the first gathering of North American biodynamic prepmakers. These gatherings were born out of a shared concern that the quantity and quality of available preparations be sustained and improved in support of the larger biodynamic movement at all levels. 

Ten years later, the structures designed to fulfill this mission have evolved into 1) an annual conference hosted at locations across the continent, 2) four “interest” groups who meet by phone on a regular basis between conferences, and, recently, 3) an email newsletter designed to share regional news and activities.

The mission of the Fellowship of Prepmakers can be articulated in terms of assuring availability, access, and quality of biodynamic preparations. Accomplishing this mission is only possible when we successfully broaden and deepen our 1) awareness, 2) knowledge, 3) commitment, and 4) planning in consistent, sustained ways. Building these capacities within the Fellowship will, in turn, support the best possible:

  • Outreach to conventional, organic, and biodynamic growers;
  • Access to Materials that balances the “local” ideal with adequate, quality amounts;
  • Training that effectively conveys and supports our best knowledge about how the preparations can be grown, produced, applied, and distributed, and that is provided in ways that allow for differences in geography, geology, and climate;
  • Manufacture of adequate amounts of quality preps as close as possible to where they will be used;
  • Distribution processes and systems that address issues of access;
  • A system that has the capacity to meets the growing needs of growers and producers seeking Biodynamic Certification;
  • Thoroughly and systematically documented Evaluation of preparation effectiveness;
  • Research that honors both scientific evidence and community-based experience;
  • Networking of preparation users, makers, distributors, educators, and certifiers; and
  • Formal and informal vehicles of Communication within and across these different groups that utilize the most efficient and effective media and dissemination methods.

We live in times that demand a food revolution, and the Fellowship of Prepmakers can play a substantive role. What does this mean and how will it “play out”? How would achieving these objectives transform agriculture on this continent? Stay tuned.

If you are interested in learning more, or in joining one or more of the interest groups, please contact:

Education: Natalie Brinkley, natalie_brinkley
Conference Planning: Lloyd Nelson, drnelson
Quality and Testing: Malcolm Gardner, malcolm9
Subgroup 2 (Availability/Access): Wali Via, walivia

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