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March 6, 2017
By Karen Davis-Brown Originally published in the Winter 2011 issue of Biodynamics.
December 22, 2016
by Hugh Lovel | Dec 22, 2016  How certain notions arise and become entrenched is a bit
October 10, 2016
Long story short: Biodynamic is the new organic, and you need to get behind it, like,

Earth Haven Farm would like to show our appreciation to the following businesses and organizations that have helped to support our farm operation by supplying a link.  List is in alphabetic order.

Bio-Ag LogoBio-Ag Bio-Ag Consultants & Distributors Inc. is a company devoted to understanding and working with nature. Since our founding in 1982, our mission has been to produce and supply products and services that warrant and support true sustainable agriculture. Through our research, we at Bio-Ag have become a major supplier of natural products and services for livestock and crop production.

BD Agricultural CollegeThe Biodynamic Agricultural College delivers an exciting program that assists the student in understanding biodynamics in its anthroposophical context.  On-line distance learning available at or classroom study at

BD-OntarioThe Society for Bio-Dynamic Farming and Gardening in Ontario was incorporated in 1982 and is a registered charity. We currently have 120 plus members, from Saskatchewan to Nova Scotia.

We are one of three regional biodynamic societies in Canada – the other two based in Quebec and British Columbia. In addition, we are affiliated with the Biodynamic Association of America and Demeter Canada, an agricultural certifying body.

BD-AssociationThe Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association (BDA) is an association of individuals and organizations in North America who are committed to the transformation of the whole food system, from farm to table, and who draw inspiration from the spiritual-scientific insights of Rudolf Steiner. Biodynamics is a worldwide movement for the renewal of agriculture based on an understanding of the spiritual forces at work in nature and in human social life. From this understanding, a particular form of organic farming has been developed that continues to grow and evolve around the world.

Black Duck Wild Rice is a natural and traditional food, native to the Kawartha Lakes Region making it staple food stuff for local communities as well as a great product for chefs, restaurant and resorts to utilize in their menu; and a prime product to market to visitors to the region or to visitors to First Nation Communities across South-Central Ontario.
Black Duck Wild Rice has worked hard to develop a unique processing method which transforms this edible grass seed into a naturally fresh and nutty flavored grain that keeps it flavor and freshness due to Black Duck's unique curing and maple wood roasting techniques. 

CHCS LogoThe Canadian Highland Cattle Society supports owners and breeders of purebred Scottish Highland Cattle throughout Canada.  The society publishes a bi-annual magazine to all members offering advertising, articles, and informative tips to member subscribers.  Annual AGM's offer networking and support to members.  Website supports members, lists availability of semen for AI, livestock for sale and general information.

CLRC LogoCanadian Livestock Records Corporation is the national pedigree service for purebred and non-purebred livestock in Canada.

We are a private non-profit organization that has been serving the Canadian livestock industry continuously since 1905. The organization is incorporated under the Animal Pedigree Act, which is federal legislation that regulates the keeping of all animal pedigree records in Canada. The various breed associations are also incorporated under the same Act, and any association so incorporated may become a member of CLRC. There are approximately fifty member associations for which records are being maintained. In addition, CLRC administers, on behalf of the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, the General Stud and Herd Book for breeds for which no association has been formed in Canada.

Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer TrainingCRAFT (The Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training) is an informal, member-driven network of farmers that offer internships on their organic and ecological farms. The goal of CRAFT is to enhance the internships offered by its member farms. The primary method of doing this is to offer regular field trips which usually take place at selected CRAFT farms.There are several regional CRAFT nodes in Ontario. Each regional node is its own network of farms that offer internships. Each CRAFT node plans education workshops or field days for all the interns of the CRAFT farms in their node.  For information about other regional CRAFT nodes in Ontario, visit the CRAFT ONTARIO page. 

DemeterDemeter International, Inc. is the largest certification organization for biodynamic agriculture, and is one of three predominant organic certifiers.Its name is a reference to Demeter, the Greekgoddess of grain and fertility. Demeter Biodynamic Certification is used in over 50 countries to verify that biodynamic products meet international standards in production and processing.The Demeter certification program was established in 1928, and as such was the first ecological label for organically produced foods.

The certification is the oldest traditional organic certification in Europe and is regarded as the highest grade of organic farming in the world. Certification is difficult to come by and must be renewed annually. Demeter’s "biodynamic” certification requires biodiversity and ecosystem preservation, soil husbandry, livestock integration, prohibition of genetically engineered organisms and viewing the farm as a living "holistic organism”. The certification verifies the fulfillment of the standards on behalf of the farmers, which in turn guarantees high quality food products to the consumers.

Demeter Association, Inc. is the United States’ representative of Demeter International. We are a not-for-profit incorporated in 1985 with the mission to enable people to farm successfully, in accordance with Biodynamic® practices and principles. Demeter’s vision is to heal the planet through agriculture.  In order to meet our mission, Demeter’s work is divided into six areas, or strategic objectives. They are: TEACH, GROW, MARKET, PROTECT, ADVOCATE, MANAGE

Downunder Solar LogoDownunder Solar & Electrical is a locally owned and operated business situated in Kingston, Ontario, with over 25 years combined experience  in the renewable energy industry both in Ontario as well as Australia.

Specializing in the design and installation of solar power systems covering a wide variety of applications, including single panel systems on marine vessels, RVs and camping outfits to larger complete off-grid homes & cottages; commercial sites such as a remote wilderness tourism lodge; grid-tie systems for both residential & commercial purposes and domestic solar hot water systems.

Downunder Solar & Electrical will custom design, install and maintain a unique system that will best suit your needs and your budget.

Dubois Agrinovation’s mission is to be the leader in advice and solutions for irrigation, plastic mulch film, floating row covers, greenhouse & nursery equipement, vineyard & orchard equipement and the effective use of plastic picking basket, harvest containers, and harvest bins.

Ecological Farmers of OntarioEcological Farmers of Ontario's goal is to support and promote a vibrant community of ecological farmers through education, training and knowledge sharing. The Ecological Farmers of Ontario has been committed to ecological and organic farming since 1979. Established to promote the advancement and understanding of ecological agricultural methods, we’re run by farmers, for farmers. We focus on farmer-to-farmer training and support to help each other make a better living growing real food while improving our soils, crops, livestock and the environment.

Evergreen Brickworks believes they can solve even the most pressing urban environmental issues by bringing diverse people together, inspiring them with possibilities and engaging them in identifying solutions and taking action. The need has never been more urgent.  Visit Earth Haven Farm every Saturday at the farmers market tables.

To help create greener, more sustainable cities, they focus on four key areas:

GreenspaceChildrenFood and CityWorks

Farm LinkFarmLINK's MatchMaker tool brings together new farmers who are looking for land or mentorship with farm owners who have land available or expertise to share.  

If you are a NEW FARMERESTABLISHED FARMER, OR FARMLAND OWNER, you have an important part to play in the future of agriculture and FarmLINK can help you.

If you are a new farmer (of any age!) you are a valuable part of our agricultural community, and you have an important role to play in maintaining a vibrant agricultural sector for the future. If you’re like most new farmers, you probably face significant challenges — particularly in accessing land and mentorship. This is where FarmLINK can help you make great connections!

If you are an established farmer in your fifties or older, you may be thinking about moving out of farming in the next 15 years. While passing on the farm was once a family matter, few established farmers now have children who want to farm. That said, your knowledge and experience are invaluable to new farmers, as is your productive farmland. Find creative ways to share your farm and your knowledge with tomorrow's farmers — use resources from FarmLINK!

If you own farmland but you’re not a farmer, you may be asking yourself some important questions: 
Should you rent out your farm? For what purposes and to whom? Are there tax advantages to renting your land? How much do you know about farm stewardship? Have you provided your tenant farmer with any incentives to steward your land, or discussed with them a plan for stewardship?
FarmLINK can provide answers to these questions, and help you think creatively about your part in our agricultural future.

Farm StartFarm Start aims to encourage and support a new generation of entrepreneurial, ecological farmers. There are many challenges facing new farmers, but there are also many exciting opportunities. The new farmers we support bring skills, connections and passion that can lead to innovation and renewal.  These new ecological farmers are cultivating a real, sustainable and delicious future for their own families, our communities and our farmlands.  Our goal is to encourage and support a new generation of entrepreneurial ecological farmers.  

Food WorkHealthy, Local, Sustainable Food == Meaningful Work!  FoodWork is like a job board for all kinds of work in local and sustainable food: jobs, entrepreneurs, farmers, board positions, interns, managers, partners, volunteers. Positions range from organic farmers to executive directors... from teachers, to researchers, to chefs. When you post an opportunity with FoodWork, you'll reach the most qualified, motivated people, passionate about healthy, local food. Across Canada.  FoodWork  is a mission-driven organization, operated by and for local food advocates, supporting the local and organic food movements since 2013. 

Greta's Organic Gardens and SeedsGreta’s Organic Gardens assists customers in cultivating a unique and high quality garden and plants. We provide organic gardening seeds that flourish into plants and vegetables with enhanced taste and colorful appearance. 

The experts at Greta’s Organic Gardens have grown and tested many old-fashioned plant varieties, which has allowed us to provide an abundance of great-tasting vegetable seeds. Today, plants are being replaced by hybrids and genetically altered varieties. By growing organic plants in your own garden, you can help preserve our vegetable heritage. 

Hastings County Stewardship CouncilHastings County is home to tremendous diversity of farm land, forest resources, abundant wildlife and particularly innovative people. Our extensive forests, mixed farms and wilderness areas have created biodiversity that we often do take for granted simply because we are surrounded by it. Hastings Stewardship Council works to support sustainable forest management, tree planting projects, best agricultural practices, wildlife education, environmental awareness programs and sustainable stewardship of our land and resources.  The purpose of the council is to achieve and maintain, through voluntary efforts, a healthy and sustainable environment that will contribute toward the viability of agricultural and natural resources in Hastings County.

Harvest Hasting LogoHarvest Hastings is a community-run project that promotes access to local and sustainable agriculture. The project began in 2008 and is supported by the farm community and community leaders. Harvest Hastings focuses on the tremendous diversity and richness within the agriculture and resource sectors in Hastings County, and the potential for increasing the supply of local food, educating people about agriculture and the role farmers play environmentally, and encouraging tourism based around agriculture and food.

The Harvest Hastings website has a growing number of farmers and producers listed on Local Food/Local Products with information about a growing number of farmers' markets, cheese factories, abattoirs, farm stores, restaurants, caterers and other places to purchase local food. It is all about Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food.

Indian Agricultural Program of OntarioIndian Agricultural Program of Ontario (IAPO) is a non-profit Ontario corporation. Since 1984, IAPO’s goal has been to support agricultural economic development by providing agricultural financing, business advisory and extension services, as well as access to governmental agricultural programs.
 IAPO is owned by Status Indian farmers in Ontario. The board of directors, who are Status Indian farmers, represent various farming districts across Ontario.   Their mission is "To cultivate sustainable economic growth of Ontario First Nations People for seven generations through the implementation of Agricultural related programs.”

Hastings County Local Wood InitiativeThe Local Wood Initiative is all about People, Forests and Homes, and how they fit together. This new program examines our consumption of resources and promotes ways to save energy, money and the earth by cutting our green house gas emissions.  The Local Wood Initiative is a multi-dimensional project that pools many resources in the county. The goal is to create a healthier local economy and a healthier environment. All residents of Hastings County will benefit: from students of all ages to landowners and local producers.

Alternatives for land use, such as firewood, maple syrup or selective logging can pay dividend to the landowner and increase the efficiency of the land use in terms of storing carbon. Connecting suppliers with markets will boost our local economy on many levels.

Loon Song Gardens is the home of Paul Salanki and Heather Thoma.  They have been gardening and farming on Manitoulin Island since 2003, growing nourishing foods and cultivating vibrant community connections in, and for surrounding reagions. They are located at the base of the Niagara Escarpment below McLean’s Mountain in Little Current, where they have grown over 30 different kinds of vegetables using organic and Biodynamic practices for CSA,  farmers’ market, and some restaurant and co-op distribution. 

In 2009 they began milling fresh stone-ground flours on-site from cereal grains grown on their farm.  Currently they offer some great fresh rolled oats, along with true whole-grain flours from Red Fife wheat, rye, oats and spelt. Earth Haven Farm is proud to offer this level of integrity to the products sold on our farmers market tables.

NFU LogoThe National Farmers Union is a direct-membership organization made up of Canadian farm families who share common goals. Every member of the farm family - including children ages 14 to 21 - are full voting members of the Union. This structure recognizes that every family member contributes to the farm by working on it directly, or indirectly through off-farm employment.

Member families of the Union believe that through an organization that represents all commodities produced in Canada, it is possible to promote the family farm as the most appropriate and efficient means of agricultural production. Our goal is to work together to achieve agricultural policies which will ensure dignity and security of income for farm families while enhancing the land for future generations.

OSM Networks Inc. - OSM Networks Inc. LogoEstablished in 1997, is a full service design and web development firm located in Belleville, Ontario. OSM offers a comprehensive set of services designed to achieve measurable success for our clients. Our emphasis is on providing personal guidance and strategic planning to help our clients adapt to Internet technology.

OSM Networks Inc., is committed to service excellence and client satisfaction.

Portage and Main BoilerPortage and Main - Manufacturers and distributors of highly efficient, long lasting outdoor furnaces sometimes called wood boiler, wood furnace, outdoor wood boiler, outside wood burning boiler, etc.can supply 100% of your heating needs. EPA classify these wood burning stoves (outdoor boilers) as outdoor hydronic heaters. The incredible energy efficient Portage & Main heating units are being proclaimed as the "Best Boiler ever" by the consumer. Advanced wood heat is not just a wood boiler. It must be efficient with top quality workmanship and performance.

Dealership:  Moore's Outdoor Wood Furnace Ltd., New Brunswick

Rudolf Steiner CentreBringing Spirit into Life. Rudolf Steiner Centre Toronto facilitates cultural renewal. Offering workshops and trainings in Waldorf Teacher Education, Remedial Education, Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy, Biodynamic Agriculture and the Arts. Here research into the spiritual nature of the human being brings practical insights for work, play and community. RSCT was founded in 1981 inspired by a question: "What can be done to answer the need for increased spiritual understanding in a world of escalating materialism?

Site Apex  Site Apex LogoProvides organizations with the dynamic ability to manage the content of their website with limited computer knowledge required. Our professional developers have done the work for you, now your job is simply to keep the material up to date. Multiple people responsible for different sections of your organizations’ website can connect to our user-friendly administration screen and update their information through use of the SiteApex Editor. 

Terra Edibles Seed CatalogueTerra Edibles offers over 100 varieties of heirloom tomato seeds as well as beans, other popular vegetables, herbs and flowers. All are organically-grown and many varieties have been grown out by certified organic growers. The seeds we offer are produced organically, are open-pollinated, and are mostly heirloom varieties which means you can save your seed.
If you are in the Quinte/Belleville area, visit the Village Green store and greenhouse in Foxboro where we maintain a fine selection of locally-made and natural products.The Village Green is a unique store where you can shop in a charming and unhurried atmosphere. The Village Green is also the home of Terra Edibles.  

Turtle Tree SeedTurtle Tree Seed is a small non-profit seed company that sells 100% open-pollinated vegetable, herb and flower seeds, all grown using biodynamic and organic practices both in their own seed garden and by other farmers and gardeners who use biodynamic methods. All seed is non-gmo, non-hybrid, never treated, and grown without the use of chemical inputs. They are a part of a Camphill Village in Copake, NY, an intentional community, which includes people with developmental disabilities. People of all abilities help with growing, cleaning and packing seeds. 

The Village Market is a social enterprise connecting organic and biodynamic farmers with consumers in York Region, and helping fund Waldorf education. With more than 20 vendors including ten organic farmers

The Village Market offers an unusually wide selection of organic foods, from fresh greens to root vegetables, apples, fruits, milk, yogurt, beef, and chicken. We also feature a food-court style cafe with offerings from a number of different vendors of ready to eat food. While we strive to have only organic or biodynamic farmers, they may not all be certified all the time. Visit Earth Haven Farm every Saturday at the farmers market tables.

William Dam Seeds Ltd.William Dam Seeds has become industry judges for new varieties in vegetables, cool season flowers, and cut flowers. Our guiding principles have been those of quality and research. We are gardeners, supporting our suppliers in their efforts to bring fellow gardeners novel and nutritious items, and better strains of seeds for challenging conditions. 

WWOOF LogoWWOOF (Wiling Workers on Organic Farms) - Vacationing and volunteering on Organic Farms is a wonderful way to broaden your education and practical experience. You'll learn about organic gardening and farming, meet people and it is also a great way to travel around Canada inexpensively..Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms, Canada (WWOOF Canada™) is part of a world-wide effort to link volunteers with organic farmers and growers, promote an educational & cultural exchange, and build a global community who are passionate about sustainable organic stewardship of food, animals and land while respecting nature and protecting natural resources.
WWOOF International LogoWWOOF International is a network of national organizations that help volunteers to live and learn on organic properties. WWOOF organizations brings together Hosts and volunteers ("WWOOFers") helping each other to make a healthier world. WWOOF organizations also promote cultural understanding of the many diverse peoples and cultures around the world through the intercultural exchange that takes place.

"Everyone should go WWOOFing because then we would all learn how to tread lightly and look after this earth." 

Young AgrariansYoung Agrarians is a grassroots initiative made up of agriculturalists and media conspirators intent on growing food sustainability. Inspired by The Greenhorns to build a network Canada-side to celebrate, connect and recruit young farmers – the Young Agrarians are the movers and shakers of a new agrarian movement: young agriculturalists, farmers, urban farmers, market and community gardeners, community groups and academics, organizations and the public who want to ecologically rebuild, promote and inspire the agriculture of our country. We are using the power of media and the internet, and bringing people together in real time- to build community and grow ‘good, clean, and fair’ food.

 ~ Living In Balance ~